For a leisurely stroll

Evening walk around Kandy Lake

What’s exciting about this?

Walking around the man-made lake in Kandy, also known as the ‘Sea of Milk’ is a great way to experience the colonial charm that Kandy is known to possess. The lake, surrounded by mara trees, is a great way to escape reality for a bit. The ideal time for a walk around the lake is either early in the morning or late afternoon, as these are the times when it’s least sunny with a pleasant atmosphere. With a number of vendors surrounding the lake ‘walkway’, you can also stop by for a small snack or drink in between. The calming waters of the lake have a funny way of erasing the hustle and the bustle of the town that surrounds it, in such a way that you cannot help but pause for a glimpse.

Who can enjoy this?

The promenade surrounding the lake gets quite busy at some spots, especially close to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. However, this calming walk can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. The Kandy lake is truly a legacy from a bygone era with bewitching beauty to this day, so don’t miss out on this stroll of a lifetime!

Why add this to your itinerary?

The best part about walking around the lake, aside from the extra beautiful atmosphere, is that it’s absolutely free. The lake sits in the centre of Kandy town, therefore making it quite easy to get to, by tuk or a short walk. If you’re interested in a lovely boat ride, ‘Joy Boat Service’ offers this service to you.

Tips before you visit

As simple as walking around the lake sounds, a few tips and tricks will make your experience much smoother.
  • It’s always best to carry an umbrella with you, sudden drizzles aren’t unexpected and there’s nowhere to run to for some shelter if it decides to pour.
  • Beware of crow excrement! A large number of crows/birds fly over the lake, so some protective headgear such as a cap or a hat is ideal.
  • You’re sure to come across a number of different animals, commonly ducks, resting just beside the lake – please refrain from getting too close.
  • The ‘cloud wall’ is built only to a certain point, after which there is no wall separating the path and the lake – so do watch where you’re going.