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Travel Tips

Travel tips help holidaymakers maximize time, save money and avoid blunders, no matter the destination. As laid back as Kandy is, it’s always best to plan and gather all the information you possibly can beforehand, to make the best out of your stop in the city.

Here are some pre-travel tips to Kandy that will help you to get started!

  • Clothing

    Remember, Kandy is much cooler than the rest of the island, so stick to light and comfortable clothes.
  • Communication

    Kandy has a Sinhalese speaking majority, however, most people can carry a conversation in basic English – therefore, communication is unlikely to be an issue.
  • Travel (by train)

    If you plan to travel to Kandy by train, it’s best you purchase tickets in advance as tickets sell out pretty fast.
  • Religious sites

    Do keep in mind to be respectful when visiting places of religious significance. Avoid wearing shorts and carry a shawl/scarf to cover your bare shoulders if necessary.
  • Carry a small bag

    When visiting temples/ religious sites, you may be asked to remove your shoes, as such you can put your shoes in the bag and carry them in with you.
  • Travel time

    The journey by train lasts no more than 2.5 hours, however, by bus/taxi or car the ride tends to last almost 4 hours, so plan a stop or two in between.
  • Tipping

    Tipping is generally expected in Kandy, except in the case of tuk-tuks (although it is appreciated). Restaurants usually have a service charge, so its best to check before you tip.
  • Local language

    It’s best if you learn a few Sinhalese words/ sentences such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘do you speak English?’, etc. You never know when these may come in handy!